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Anniversary, the new De Liguoro line created to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary

Anniversary, the new De Liguoro line created to celebrate the brand’s 60th anniversary

During Milano Jewelry Week, the Italian brand will commence its 60th-anniversary celebrations, commemorating the company's journey from 1963 to the present day.

The rich history of De Liguoro commenced in 1963, driven by the vision of Gianni De Liguoro and his wife Angela Locatelli. Together, they established the DELI company in Milan, with the goal of crafting small beauty accessories using various materials. Gianni, who had honed his skills during his studies at the Brera Academy, brought his creative flair to the forefront, which had always been a defining trait of his personality.

Drawing from numerous celebrated collaborations with renowned Made in Italy brands, the Maison’s history is adorned with remarkable achievements that have enabled the company to gain international recognition.

The brand’s recognition came swiftly in its inaugural year, as DELI’s sculptural prowess led to a productive partnership with the Italian detergent and cleaning agent company, Mira Lanza. Together, they created a historic keepsake: the Calimero keychain, designed by the Pagot brothers and Ignazio Colnaghi, immortalized through the legendary Carosello, destined to be remembered through the ages.

The encounter with haute couture in the last two decades of the previous century marked a significant turning point. It commenced with the collaboration between Gianni and the Italian fashion designer Clara Centinaro, who, during that period, graced the catwalks alongside renowned couturiers in Rome Alta Moda. Additionally, synergies with some of Italy’s most refined and elegant brands, such as Alberta Ferretti, Renato Balestra, Rocco Barocco, Fausto Sarli, Enzo Russo, Trussardi, Gai Mattiolo, and Cavalli, propelled the brandto newfound fame. During those years, the brand made its presence felt on the haute couture runways and appeared on numerous prime-time programs of Rai and Mediaset. Furthermore, with its stunning crowns, it adorned the heads of queens in the renowned Miss Italia contest, leaving an indelible mark in the world of fashion and beauty.

The remarkable success of the Italian brand can be primarily attributed to the company’s extensive expertiseand reputation established over the years. Additionally, it stems from Gianni De Liguoro’s unwavering passion for his craft and the world of Fashion Jewellery.

De Liguoro jewelry pieces are truly one-of-a-kind, meticulously crafted by hand with a steadfast commitment to precision and exceptional quality standards. This dedication to craftsmanship results in unparalleled exclusivity in every creation.

In alignment with contemporary trends, De Liguoro has refreshed its Maison’s image, upholding the brand’s rich heritage and enduring values. It remains a prominent figure in the Italian fashion and costume history. The company’s core principles revolve around sustainability and inclusivity. Each day, they actively work towards environmental conservation and the promotion of diversity, reflecting their commitment to these important causes.

During the Milano Jewelry Week, De Liguoro will commemorate its first anniversary with a special event. They host an exclusive exhibition at their showroom, located at Via San Martino, 17. This exhibition showcases the jewelry pieces that have played a significant role in the brand’s history, offering insights into their products and brand identity.

On October 17th, Francesca De Liguoro hosted an exclusive cocktail party for journalists and industry experts by invitation only. This even provided an opportunity for Maison De Liguoro to introduce itself to its esteemed guests by taking them on a journey through its sixty years of creativity and craftsmanship. The exhibition, featuring some of the “masterpieces” from the De Liguoro collections, serves as a testament to the creativity of both Gianni and Francesca. It narrates the brand’s history and product identity, unveiling the exquisite offerings from the new Fall/Winter 2023 – 2024 collection.

The public exhibition, taking place from October 17th to 22nd, will mark the official launch of “Anniversary”, the inaugural line within the new ANTHOLOGY collection. This collection is set to breathe new life into “vintage” treasures sourced from the extensive De Liguoro archives. It will also feature numbered reissues and contemporary reinterpretations of jewelry pieces from past collections.

The grand anniversary celebration of the company will conclude next autumn with the release of a book that will chronicle the remarkable history and achievements of Maison De Liguoro over the years.

Editorial staff of HEUSERS 

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